Google Site Kit is the brand new official Google plugin for WordPress. It helps you connect Google services such as Google Analytics and Search Console to your WordPress website and pulls the data on the right side on your admin dashboard.

With Google Site Kit, you won’t need any other Google Analytics plugins such as Monster Insights and Analytify.

Google Site Kit does not add any new functionality to WordPress but also provides unified data that is already available separately in different Google services. As a result, webmasters will experience better and faster access to Google services.

Installing Google Site Kit On Your WordPress Website

Site Kit is available to download right here.

Download the .zip file to your computer… then go to your WordPress dashboard and upload it… It should be a straightforward process… like like uploading and installing any standard WordPress plugin..

After uploading, click the Activate to make the plugin usable… Once done, you should get a welcome page on how to set it up.

You will see that Google already has all the information about your website. Click the Get OAuth Credentials button.

Copy your OAuth Credentials and click the Done button.

Next Step go back to WordPress Dashboard paste your OAuth Credentials and click the Proceed button.

Then click the Sign in with Google button and authenticate your WordPress website with Google. Log in to your Google account to complete the authentication process.

In the final step, enter your website address and click the Continue button to verify the URL for Google Site Kit plugin.

 connect Search Console and finish the setup…

Once you’re done, Google will begin to discover and render your pages in Search Console, display how users are navigating across your sites via Google Analytics and begin to display AdSense ads if you have units installed and see how your pages perform compared to other real-world with PageSpeed Insights.

By now, you know what Google Site Kit is and how you can connect it with your WordPress website. It is one of the major steps that Google has taken to ease the data access for WordPressers.

What are your thoughts on Google Site Kit WordPress plugin? Please feel free to share them in the comments section below!

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